Hallowed Ground Statement Struck Hard At My Heart

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Hallowed Ground Statement Struck Hard At My Heart Empty Hallowed Ground Statement Struck Hard At My Heart

Post by Ophiuchus Park on Fri Jan 28, 2011 1:20 pm

I had the opportunity to attend the Green Space Summit in Raleigh on Wednesday. I've never been much on green infrastructure though I was interested enough to attend, mostly for the continuing education credits. But after hearing the keynote speakers and talking to a few of non-profit groups on display I definitely had a change of heart. What really cut my heart was when Mr. Mcmahon was talking about the hallowed ground of Civil War battle lands being turned into strip malls. Then he showed a photo. It was horrible. I couldn't help but think about my great great grandfather who fought and died in that war and the slap in the face we all gave him (yes, all of us, even me) for allowing this kind of outrageous development to happen.

Well, I'm not saying I've totally repented of my ways but it sure cast a light on my heart which I think will light back up every time I review a set of plans for a traditional strip center but I'll sure think long and hard (and more critically) about what we are doing. And that I have the ability to impact us all for the better.
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