Connectivity VS. Fragmentation

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Connectivity VS. Fragmentation Empty Connectivity VS. Fragmentation

Post by MAdams on Fri Jan 28, 2011 1:28 pm

If there is one item that should be taken away from the Summit it is the topic of connectivity vs. fragmentation, IMHO. Connectivity is key to the long term survival of wildlife, birds and vegetation. It is the key to bringing endangered plants and animals back from the edge of extinction.

There is no reason a citizen of this country should not be able to step out there back door and walk a vegetated trail all the way to the Appalachians and beyond. The entire nation is primed for pursuing a national interstate highway system of trails. Talk about getting the economy back on track and us out of this depression (yes I said the D word because that is likely what historians will call it), think about the impact a WPA formatted program similar in scope/goal to Eisenhower's interstate highway system but for trails, greenways, wildlife corridors would have on this nation. While it would be significant in cost the national savings on infrastructure cost for maintaining and building roads alone could pay for it over a 50 year period. I'm generally not so radical but in this case I'll drink the koolaid and even help mix it.

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